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How to Convince a Parent to Quit Smoking. 600,000 are caused by second-hand smoke. Windows phone бросить курить smoke is also the probable cause of some 25 different diseases.

If you are the child of a smoker, there is every reason to encourage your parent to quit, both for their health and well-being, and your own. Furthermore, a person who has decided to quit smoking is much more likely to follow through when they have the support of friends and family. However, quitting smoking can be extremely difficult, and convincing a parent to quit smoking can be awkward and intimidating. Read on for strategies to help your parent quit smoking for good. Ask your parent to quit smoking. The first step in convincing your parent to quit smoking is to let them know that you would like them to quit. Although the decision to quit must come from the smoker themselves, knowing that you wish they would quit will begin a dialogue between you and your parent.

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